Analysis of organic matter and heavy metal extraction kinetics of different pyrolysed waste fractions


Czinkota Imre, Keresztes Barbara, Vörös Kata, Simándi Péter, Rácz Istvánné, Rétháti Gabriella, Gulyás Miklós, Tolner László

Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Institute of Environmental Sciences, SZIE, Gödöllő


The solid pyrolysis products contains almost all mineral components of original waste fractions, but a part of organic components are removed by liquid or gaseous fraction, during the thermo degradation. Heavy metal and organic contents of waste fractions or solid pyrolysis product are leached in the environment. To modelling the dissolving process, we investigated the samples by Hot Water Percolation (HWP) method. Five times 100 cm3 extract samples were collected from six waste fractions, in original and 500 and 350 oC pyrolysed forms. We measured the heavy metal concentration of all samples by ICP and UV-VIS spectra by spectrophotometer.

Analysing the extraction of heavy metal, and humic like organic matter, the concentration results we calculated first order kinetic equation. Analysing the spectra of extracted fraction, the leaching effect higher at shorter wavelength, it means the smaller organic molecules can dissolved easier than greater, longer wavelength absorbing, organic compounds.